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This is it! The season of love on TV officially begins this evening at 6:30 pm on the airwaves of V. Set sails to South Africa for the new season of Occupation Double!

Pepito Light is proud to be a main partner on this popular show. Other products from the Omni Group catalog will also be featured, including Bulles de nuit, Poppers coolers and Bon vivant wines.


As the main partner, Pepito Light will broadcast funny and surprising advertisements during the popular reality show. Under the theme “Take things lightly”, we can see three friends laughing at their misfortunes.

Other featured products from the Omni Group catalog will also be featured at in OD.

Indeed, the Bulles de nuit will be clearly visible when the candidates arrive in their homes. Bottles of Bulles de nuit can also be found in the famous “House of Love”. From Monday to Thursday, an insert showing Bulles de nuit will be visible during the show.

Bon Vivant wines will be served on Sunday during elimination suppers. They too will benefit from aninsert during Sunday broadcasts.

Finally, the always colorful Poppers party will be back this year.