First wine producer in Quebec

    Vincenzo Geloso leaves Italy in 1957 with his wife and his two children, Nicolangelo and Antoine, to settle in Montreal where Aldo, his third son, is born in 1960. In 1961, he obtains a loan from Scotiabank and creates a wine-making company, Ruviano. In 1965, the Quebec Liquor Board grants the first wine producer’s licence, 001, to the Maison des Vins Geloso, making it the first Quebec winery. At the beginning of the 70s, they were the first to import fresh European grapes for the production of wine. An industry is born!

    In 1973, he takes up the challenge of creating a 40 000-square-foot plant, in Laval, in order to produce up to 350 000 cases of wine annually. Always at the forefront, he develops the first infrastructures for the production of sparkling wines in closed vats (Charmat method) and of aperitifs. After several long years of efforts, la Maison des Vins Geloso, known since then under the name of International Wine Corporation, offers a range of high-quality wines from the world’s best vineyards of the major wine-producing countries.

    In 1993, we were the first to introduce, into the Canadian market, imported beers for sale in traditional grocery channels and convenience stores. The next year, we introduced into the Canadian market the Old Milwaukee beer and increased their sale volumes from zero to over 6,5 million cases in 2000.

    At the end of the 90s we introduced malternatives in the cocktail category with various malt based beverages. In 2002, it was the introduction of POPPERS HARD ICE sold across the nation. Today, we still are the undisputed leaders of quality premium malt beverages.

    At the beginning of the 2010s we introduce the cider market by launching the first cider in can in the Quebec market.

    Today, we are more than 400 employees in 6 warehouses across Quebec, distributing in more than 6000 stores. Since its foundation, the history of Geloso is one of passion, devotion and constant growth.