With presence in more than 6,000 point of sales supported by 50 sales representatives and 7 warehouses, OBG is one of the most dynamic sales representation, distribution and merchandising firms in the province of Quebec.

OBG’s main mission is to provide an experienced and professional team dedicated to deliver the best and most profitable results to its clients. It is always OBG’s ambition to develop sales and distribution agreements into strategic partnerships. OBG is an ambitious partner and is willing to invest in his brands.

There are multiple benefits to partner with OBG such as:

• Largest independent distributor in the province of Quebec
• In place « today » to cover all markets
• Excellent working relationships with all Head Office members and category managers
• Active in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage sector for over 50 years
• The knowledge of the administrative, legal and regulatory environment governing the alcoholic beverage category
• Fully integrated M.I.S.
• Technical, operational, logistical, administrative and secretarial support
• Sales, merchandising, distribution and service professionals assuring the success of every phase of its client business plan
• Complete and effective retail sales coverage of the Quebec beverage market « under the roof »
• Sales and distribution networks across Canada to satisfy major needs in each market (for wines, alcomalts, beers and beverages)


Thanks to an experienced sales and marketing teams and high-end technology, OBG meets the requirements of its customers, monitors markets and reacts quickly while seizing all opportunities (ex: special events) as they arise. All principals rely on OBG, as strategic partner, to ensure their company growth and consolidate its success.

Sales and Marketing Teams Sales

– 1 Executive VP Sales with 25 years experiences;
– 3 Head Office directors;
– 4 Regional Sales Directors;
– 50 Sales Representatives;
– 7 Merchandisers;
– Analyst and Planograms Department;
– 7 regular call agents that provide 2,500 calls per week
– Extended team outside the province of Quebec.
– 1 Marketing Director
– 1 Graphic Designer
– 2 Brands Manager
– 1 Community Web Manager

Sales and Marketing Equipments

– Branded fridges
– Branded display racks
– Branded icebins
– Branded cars
– Branded trucks


Omni Brokerage Group offers large-scale brokerage possibilities (distribution) to the producers who want to go further, faster, while simplifying their operations and increasing their profits.

The field of expertise of OBG is competitive, versatile and stimulating. Our customers are :

• Food market chains
• Convenience stores
• Superstores (Costco, Walt-Mart, Target)
• Drugstores
• Box Stores
• Provincial Liquor Control Boards

Outside Quebec (Ontario and Western Canada), OBG operates its sales, brokerage and distribution network under its Beverage Alliance banner and investments in many distribution infrastructures.

OBG’s administrative, operational, logistical and technical offices work closely to assure an optimal relationship with our working partners.

Wherever there is potential… Wherever you want to go… Wherever you want to sell… OBG is there. Specialized in the beverage sector. Proven success stories in the beverage sector. Proprietary presence and installations in all corners of the province of Quebec. OBG is your « one stop service » partner for secured growth. OBG provides your company with the one and only solution:

« Branding and positioning your portfolio is our mutual success »

OMNI Brokerage Group LTD is the one and only choice.