Usage of a Pouch of 1.75 L

Pepito PouchIn the products line of Pepito Sangria, Broue-Alliance innovates and offers an all-new « pouch » size of 1.75 L. Made in Quebec, Broue-Alliance is the first to use this size for alcoholic beverage. « Pouch » is a ready-to-drink strong and sustainable which carries easily in all types of event, and perfect to use in a cooler, unlike carton boxes.

The composants used to fabricate the « pouch » allow product to be quickly refrigerate in addition of being more ecological in terms of production and transportation.

The « pouch » launch has been done in Spring 2013 to allowed customers to enjoy the new size in their summer events. Two new flavors of Pepito Sangria are exclusive in « pouch » size: Paraìso Lemonade and Fantasìa Fruits Punch. For more information about the new flavors, please visit our Products section.

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